About Us



PIT Khunnimajra(Mohali) is a constitute unit of IKG PTU Jalandhar, It started functioning in 2014 as a school of Built environment to provide quality education to the students both at undergraduate and post graduate level so as to cater to the need of industry at national and international level. Built environment refers to the human made surroundings that provide the setting for human part activity, ranging in scale from buildings and parks to neighbourhood and cities that can often include their supporting infra such as water supply and energy network. IKGPTU Campus, Khunnimajra is a first institute in the state of Punjab which runs specialised courses in Built Environment. The target do not end at just producing engineers/Architects with B. Arch., B. Tech or Master’s program but also to encourage research and to have R&D section in various disciplines. The programs to be started in the institute would be in conformity with the present and futuristic need of the industry and to achieve this objective, effort will be made to make our labs, Library and Computer Centre etc. as per the latest state of art of technology.